Oil Boiler Service

Signs your boiler needs servicing

An oil boiler should produce very few emissions. Signs that it may need servicing include:

  • Black smoke or a build-up of soot – this prevents the boiler from burning oil efficiently
  • A yellow or brown staining around or on the boiler
  • A pilot light that frequently blows out
  • Increased condensation inside windows
  • A yellow rather than blue flame (apart from flueless fires)

During an oil boiler service, the engineer will:

  • Clean the burner/injector(s)
  • Clean the pilot/injector
  • Clean the flue-ways, including the draught diverter and heat exchanger
  • Clean and adjust the ignition components
  • Clean flame supervision components
  • Clean, lubricate and adjust controls
  • Check all disturbed connections
  • Check all boiler seals and joints
  • Check there are no obvious signs of damage to the wiring
  • Re-set the burner operating pressure to that on the data label/plate
  • Test open-flued boilers for spillage
  • Re-check the flame supervision device operation

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