Gas Boiler Service

The following symptoms indicate that your gas boiler probably needs to be serviced:

  • An irregular or yellow boiler flame
  • Stains or smoke marks appearing on or near the appliance
  • Hot water has limited flow or is less hot than it should be
  • Boiler refilling and/or overheating frequently
  • Boiler fan makes loud noises
  • The boiler pilot light goes out repeatedly
  • The pressure drops

When your boiler is serviced, your engineer will:

  • Clean the:
    • Burner/injector(s)
    • Pilot/injector
    • Flue-ways, including the draught diverter and heat exchanger
    • Ignition components (these will also be adjusted)
    • Flame supervision components
    • Controls (these will also be lubricated)
  • Repair:
    • Gas leaks
  • Check:
    • Disturbed gas connections
    • Boiler seals and joints
    • For obvious signs of damage to the wiring
    • Flame supervision device operation
    • Open-flued boilers for spillage
  • Re-set the:
    • Burner operating pressure to that on the data label/plate

It's important to keep in mind that only Gas Safe Register approved engineers are qualified to service gas appliances.

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